Here are some of Carbotech achievements both in terms of forestry and industrial operations.



We designed a completely new sawmill outfeed line from the landing deck all the way to the package outfeed. This mill produces radiata pine, up to 3" thick, 10" wide and 17' long, at up to 140 LPM. We included a box-piling system to optimize the space for variable-length bundles. Special attention was given in this project on reducing breakage of thin pieces and damage to the edges of the pieces.


In partnership with Gunnarssons (CGV), we designed and installed one of the most reliable and fastest dry mills in Europe. Its radical design is like nothing you have seen before: a tray sorter, planer by-pass and high-speed twin stackers are all laid out within a very compact footprint. This line is very versatile and can bundle rough or dressed lumber, any PETs and cut-in-2 at the stacker. 1/4 packs can also be produced.

TOLKO Canada

We designed and installed a complete planer mill at their Soda Creek plant. This stud mill can run up to 240 LPM while producing up to six different PETs at the same time, either in metric or imperial lengths. This mill incorporates all of our newest technologies.


We supplied a completely redesigned planer mill comprising a continuous tilt hoist, lug loader, three grading stations, a positioner, lineshaft trimmer, cut-in-2 recirculating deck, sling sorter and stacker. At up to 140 lugs/minute, it can handle boards up to 3" thick, 12" wide and 20' long.


To gain efficiency, this hardwood mill needed to push its speed and automate the line. We designed a planer outfeed line that requires very little human intervention, while preserving the appearance of each board. We also created a patented automatic tier preparation system to maximize the volume of lumber in each package.


Having been active in the industrial sector since its inception, Carbotech took part in the Smoky Falls 2 dam project on the Matagamie River in northern Ontario. Carbotech designed and manufactured access platforms, several bridges and stairs for equipment maintenance at the dam. These were made entirely of galvanized steel.

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