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Technicians available quickly
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24/7 on site or over the phone
Mechanical technicians
PLC/Control Specialists


Experienced team of technicians ready to maintain, adjust, and optimize your equipment and processes


Direct access on the floor to manuals, videos and references for your equipment.
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Attentive to your needs

At Carbotech, we have a reputation for listening to our customers. We adapt to your needs and are constantly innovating to increase production efficiency. From our engineering department to our on-site technicians, our aim is always the same—to satisfy our customers.

  • Equipment that is tailored to your production line
  • Equipment design and manufacturing on request
  • Research and development focused on production efficiency
  • Engineers and technicians who listen to your needs

Parts delivery worldwide

At Carbotech, we rely on our points of service around the world to provide you with fast service, both from our technicians and when it comes to assembling and delivering parts. With CarboCare, you’ll have everything you need, from parts delivery to 24/7 service.

Control and programming support

Our 24/7 CarboCare service offers support from our technicians and engineers who specialize in programming and control. Carbotech Control is well equipped to provide you with all of the support you need.

Mechanical technicians and engineers available at all times

Over the years, Carbotech has built a team of top-level engineers, installers, and technicians. With many years of experience in the sawmill industry, our qualified team can offer you solutions that are perfectly suited to your specific problems and needs through CarboCare 24/7.

Count on us!

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