Upper Lumber Recovery At Lakeview

Publié le 28/04/2015

Tolko Industries’ Lakeview Lumber Division in Williams Lake, B.C., has recently seen some significant upgrades that are already delivering results in lumber productivity and recovery. When a sawmill is running well, it just sounds right. It’s an intuitive sort of thing. The Lakeview sawmill is sounding better all the time.

Tolko Industries’ Lakeview Lumber Division in Williams Lake, B.C.It’s sweet music now to shift charge hand Roy Betts. It means the upgrades to the Tolko Industries mill in Williams Lake, British Columbia are delivering their intended benefits. Betts well understands the mill’s rhythms. He’s been patrolling the catwalks there since Lignum ran the operation in the mid-1970s.

Betts’ ears aren’t deceiving him.

“The upgrades have helped out our lumber recovery and our productivity,” confirms Ryan Oliver, plant manager for Tolko’s Lakeview Lumber Division.”We’re up about 15 to 20 points with our lumber recovery.”

The focus for a comprehensive range of upgrades in 2014 was rebuilding the sawmill’s back end, explains Oliver. “We have three breakdown lines feeding a single sorter. We were a back-end constrained mill.”

Lakeview can process logs from four inch diameters to 26 inches on its three breakdown lines: a headrig side, a 10 inch canter line and an eight inch canter line.

The rebuilt back-end begins with a new unscrambler and lug loading system from Comact. Boards are delivered to an Autolog trimmer-optimizer—with options for remanufacturing—before passing through a Carbotech International fence and multi-saw trimmer.

Tolko Industries’ Lakeview Lumber Division in Williams Lake, B.C.Mill Tech Industries manufactured the pusher type log sorter, including adding 20 bins (to a total of 88). Operational speed has also been improved with the Mill Tech sorter running easily at 155 lugs/minute compared with around 118 lugs under the old system.

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