Groupe Lebel Inc.

Groupe Lebel Inc.

Degelis, Québec, Canada

Optimized sawing and profiling line

In 2023, we started at Lebel Group the sawing line project in Degelis, Quebec. The objective of the project was to replace the existing line in order to increase the productivity and the recovery.

To achieve this, we installed primary and secondary breakdown equipment in order to transform the logs into boards. For primary breakdown, the following equipment was installed: V-chain conveyor, Autolog linear optimizer, log turner, shape sawing with multiple saws and profilers, twin saws, board separation conveyor and cant turner. For secondary breakdown, the following equipment was installed: scanning conveyor, Autolog cant optimizer, gang circular saws with profilers and slat bed/landing table.

This line is designed for softwood lumber from 8 ft to 12 ft and can produce at rates up to 500 feet/minute. The collaboration of Groupe Lebel in the execution of this project was greatly appreciated and the results bear this out.

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