Groupe Lebel Inc

Groupe Lebel Inc

Price, Québec, Canada

High speed trimmer-sorter and stacker line

In May 2022, we started the Groupe Lebel sawmill project in Price, Quebec. The aim of the project was to add a new process to the sawmill to improve product quality and increase production rates. To achieve this goal, we installed handling equipment to process the sawmill products immediately at the sawing line outfeed. The following equipment was installed: a trim line optimized by an Autolog optimizer and controls, including our lug loader, our next-generation trimmer, and our Accu-Gate board positioning system. A new drag sorter was also installed, as well as an automatic stacker with automatic stick placer to achieve the desired rates. All this equipment was installed by our experienced installation team, and the automation was done by Autolog. This line is designed for 6’ to 12’ logs and can produce more than 150 pieces per minute. Groupe Lebel’s collaboration in executing this project was greatly appreciated and is reflected in the outcomes.

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